Our Clients



Vast experience

We have over 8 years of experience developing software solutions for leading industrial companies in Bulgaria and Europe. Since 2007 we automate manufacturing and business processes in various industries, which helped us build an unique know-how that distinguish as from other companies.

Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals with vast experience in developing industrial software. We all share one common goal – do develop create, innovative and pragmatic software solutions to help your business.

Reliable products

The goal of our solutions is to transform the way you do your work by saving you time, money and effort. Due to our high internal standards and constant quality control, every element goes through extensive tests in order to make sure that the product will exceed your expectations.

Happy customers

The feedback from our clients acts like a barometer for our success and the quality of our products and services. We are a reliable partner for some of the leading industrial companies, which trusted us in realizing their ideas and vision.

Business planning and logistcs – XERP

The main goal of XERP is to assist in the planning and execution of production orders through tools for managing deliveries and production costs, client relations management, accounting, payroll, human resources and others. The entire functionality of the system is unified an an easy to use interface that can be adapted according to the the customer’s requirements.

Manufacturing management – XMOM

XMOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) consists of five software modules that fill the void between your ERP system and the manufacturing. XMOM helps employees at every level of the organization – from machine operators to managers and executives to make the right short and long-term decisions that improve the production cycle. Through powerful tools integrated with easy to use and intuitive web-based interface, the system enables you to generate complex production plans, to schedule and re-reschedule production, to keep track of the production processes in real-time and to manage the production capacity.

Project management – XPROJECT

XRROJECT is a specialized software system that drastically improves the project management of every company thorough useful tools, digitizing the information and implementing the CCPM method ( Critical Chain Project Management).

Truck scales management  – XTRUCKSCALE

Specialized software for managing truck scales with a wide range of modules and functionalities to make your work easier.

Management of dosing systems with electronic scales – XDOSING

Specialized software for automated management of dosing systems with electronic scales with wide range of modules and functionalities to make your work easier.

Custom-made software solutions

You want a software solution that you don’t see in our portfolio? Please contact us so that we can give you professional advice and ai you in the realization of the ideas for your business.