XTRUCKSCALE is a specialized software system for managing electronic vehicle scales. The program provides a rich set of tools to make your work more efficient through new functionalists and automated work processes.


  • Autonomous operation without the need for an operator
  • Significant reduction of weighing time
  • The automation of processes reduces the risk of human error
  • Detailed statistical information for the weighings accessible at any time
  • Ability to add modules with additional functionalities
  • Generate optimized reports for the total sold and bought quantities for each item, which saves time wasted on processing and analyzing the information

Additional modules

  • KIOSK mode – enables easy, autonomous, fast, and reliable tracking of incoming and outgoing stock without the need for an operator.
  • Remote access – real-time program access via the internet or local network.
  • “Excel” reports – generating reports in “xls” format.
  • Automated database archiving – provides greater data security through automated data archiving.
  • Inventory management – managing an arbitrary number of warehouses.
  • Invoicing – managing accounting documents (issuing invoices, cash orders, credit and debit notes, reports, data export to other systems, etc.).
  • Agro – complete traceability of grain crops: tracking the origin of grain crops by cadastral area and block.
  • Shared database – autonomous operation of two scale with a shared database.
  • Integration with an external system (ERP or CRM) – connecting the program with your software system.
  • Moisture meter – recording samples from weighed goods using a moisture meter and displaying them on the scale note.
  • Video camera – capturing images during weighing using up to three video cameras and printing measurement data on them.
  • RFID device – automating the measurement process by identifying vehicles through RFID cards. Once the vehicle is identified, the system starts measuring using the data from the card.
  • License plate recognition (ALPR) – the module uses Dahua cameras to recognize license plates of vehicles. This module facilitates data entry for measurements and improves the autonomous operation of the entire system in operator-less measurement mode.

   Main functionalities

  • Performing two types of measurements: automatic reading of the displayed weight or manual entry of the weight
  • Monitoring the electronic scale and capturing the weight in real-time
  • Issuing two types of scale notes: abbreviated and full
  • Generating reports based on: scale note number, time interval, registration number, product, seller, buyer, operation type, measurement type, etc.
  • Measuring vehicles with a fixed tare weight
  • Editing and canceling scale notes
  • Ability to set different levels of access for operators
  • Ability to work with two scales
  • Axle weighing mode
  • Capability to perform measurements for external companies
  • Validation of entered registration numbers