XDOSING is a specialized software system for automated management of dosing systems with electronic scales. The program provides a rich set of tools to make your work more efficient through new functionalists and automated work processes.


  • Significant reduction in the dosing time;
  • More precise dosing;
  • The automation of processes reduces the risk of human
  • Detailed statistical information of the work of the dispensers accessible at any time;
  • Ability to add modules with additional functionalities.

Additional modules

  • Recipes – create and define any number of product specifications;
  • Additional dispenser – able to service additional dispensers;
  • Other devices – management of pumps, valves, mixers, assembly lines, sensors and other devices;
  • Remote Access – working with the program remotely via Internet or local network
  • Automated database backup – provides greater information security through automated data backup;
  • Link to an external system (ERP or CRM) – interfacing the program with your own software system.
  • Individual solutions 

Main functionalities

  • Management of 1 dosing system with maximum 3 tanks;
  • Define and edit the quantity of the material that has to be released through the dispenser;
  • Define and edit the quantity and type of the material that has to be filled in the tank;
  • Set a maximum scale load in kg.;
  • Reports in „MS Excel“ for all dispensed materials, the quantity in the tanks before and after the dosing and activity statistics for every operator.