XMOM forage production management system

Goals of the system

The goal of XMOM is to optimize and automate the management of the entire feed production process, from the receipt of raw materials, through their dosing, to packaging and dispatch.

Main problems which the system solves

  • Difficult traceability of available resources and finished products
  • Difficult traceability of the dosing process
  • Manual dosing of raw materials, consuming a lot of time and increasing the chance of human error
  • Inefficient tracking of movements of raw materials and finished products at the input and output of the enterprise
  • Manual and inefficient production schedule planning, consuming a lot of time and increasing the chance of human error
  • Difficult traceability of production and batches


  • Web-based system with responsive interface accessible from mobile devices and desktop computers
  • Monitoring of the entire production process
  • Optimization and automation of production schedule planning
  • Automation of the entire raw material dosing process
  • Automation of the finished product packaging process
  • Automation in managing inventory levels
  • Timely identification of resource shortages for production
  • Visualization of detailed statistical data for the entire production process

Main functionality


  • Raw Materials – creation and editing of raw materials required for the dosing process
  • Setting deficit values related to the notification system


  • Creation and management of unlimited virtual warehouses
  • Monitoring real-time stock levels in each warehouse
  • Recording incoming and outgoing products to and from selected warehouse


  • Creation and editing of users who use the system, including assigning roles and access levels (operator and administrator).

Automotive scale

  • Tracking the movement of raw materials and products through the entrance and exit points of the company using weighbridge management software.
  • Capability to generate reports based on weighbridge tickets, drivers, companies, vehicles, and more.

Production planning

  • Production planning for feed and creating a list of required raw materials, taking into account the current inventory levels.


  • Creating and managing recipes for various end products.


  • Managing the entire process of ingredient dosing.
  • Real-time tracking of the ingredient dosing process.


  • Real-time monitoring of the packaging process for the finished products.

Reports and Analytics

  • Detailed reports on performed dosages.
  • Statistics on resource usage in the dosing process.
  • Easy traceability of products by batch numbers.