XSOFT is a privately owned IT company that specializes in developing software such as MOM, MES, SCADA and ERP systems for small, medium and large manufacturers.

XSOFT has helped more than 100 companies  from various industries to improve their manufacturing processes through integration of carefully designed software products according to their needs. All solutions the company offers are focused on cost effectiveness, simplification and improvement of work efficiency which makes them an invaluable instrument for the future development of any manufacturing business.

 Work process

През годините в XSOFT изградихме ефективен процес на работа разделен на 6 опростени стъпки. Тази методика създава среда за ясна и точна комуникация между клиента и нашите разработчици, като във всеки един момент Вие знаете на кой етап се намира Вашият проект.

Phase 1: Inquiry/Meeting

  • Gathering information about the processes that need to be improved;
  • Getting to know the production/business processes;
  • The idea and vision of the client for the solution.

Phase 2: Analyzing and drafting of the specification

      • Analyzing the production processes together with the client;
      • Consultations with the client during the development of the algorithm to improve the desired processes;
      • Drafting a detailed technical specification and agreeing it with the client.

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Phase 3: Drafting an offer

      • ROI index analysis
      • Budget and time evaluation
      • Presenting the whole offer to the client and agreeing terms

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Phase 4: Development of the software product

    • Designing the architecture of the software system
    • Designing the UI
    • Development of the software system

Phase 5: Testing phase

        • Testing the system for bugs before presenting it to the client
        • Testing of the system by the client and his employees before beginning of the implementation
        • Correcting and fixing issues and bugs if necessary

Phase 6: Integrating the software system and training the user groups

        • Installation and configuration of the system
        • Training the user groups on how to use the system
        • Designing and creating the user manual

Our team

Krasimir Stoev

Project Manager

Vasil Ivanov

Lead Full Stack Developer

Dimitar Dinev

Full Stack Developer

Vladimir Mladenov

Full Stack Developer