Due to ever-increasing diversification of corporate resources in manufacturing plants we at XSOFT developed XRESOURCES in order to meet the requirements of the business. XRESOURCES is a system that groups and and visualizes personnel , materials, equipment, product definitions and recipes based on predetermined qualitative and quantitative criteria. This provides a complete picture of the available resources and the best way to allocate them.


  • Staff: number of employees, degree of qualification, training and personal information;
  • Materials: detailed description, contents and qualification of materials; predefined industrial standards and requirements for quality;
  • Equipment: a complete list and descriptions of the equipment available, capacity, maintenance and operating costs;
  • Product definitions: materials and procedures involved in producing a product, production routes and others.


  • Significant increase of the capabilities of strategic planning especially in combination with the module XPLANNING;
  • Improved quality control;
  • Transparency and better control of inventory;
  • More efficient allocation of resources.