XSCALE is a specialized software system for managing electronic scales and labeling printers. The program provides a rich set of tools to make your work more efficient through new functionalities and automated work processes.


  • Significant reduction of weighing time;
  • The automation of processes reduces the chance of human error;
  • Detailed statistical information for the weighings accessible at any time;
  • Ability to add modules with additional functionalities.

Additional modules

  • Group weighing– group weighing with accumulation of weight;
  • Remote scale – remote registering of readings;
  • Automated database backup – backup and restore the database;
  • Internet access – remote access and control of the software system;
  • Reports in “Excel”
  • Link with an external system – ERP, CRM and others.

Main functionalities

  • Template design feature for labels for Datecs printers LP-50H and LP-1000H with extra variables;
  • Displaying readings in real time for maximum 2 scales;
  • Reporting the current reading from the scale and registering it in the database;
  • Automatic registering of the readings after the scale reaches a balance;
  • Possibility to select the nomenclature for each article;
    Data file containing a list of the system operators – identification with a username and password;
  • Different levels of access for different users;
  • Database operations : backup, restore and create a new database.