ERP system for
agricultural producers and processors

Goals of the system

The Goal of the system is to optimize the work of agricultural producers and processors through automation of production, business and logistic processes

 Main problems which the system solves

  • Lack of real-time visualization of the yield
  • Ineffective way of tracking the required monthly quantities for each client
  • Ineffective monitoring of the entry and exit of goods from the plant
  • Difficult tracking of the quality indicators and lack of historical data


  • The real-time visualization of the yield helps to track the productivity of each shift

  • Easy and efficient way of tracking inbound and outstanding payments from clients through digitization of the accounting documents

  • Improved client relationship management;

  • Optimizing the quality control through digitizing the samples from different lots

  • Optimizing the processes of packaging and expedition through real-time information of the lots in production

Main functionality


  • Enter and edit various types of packages and supplies which are used for storage of expedition of the production such as bags, pallets, grills and others.


  • Creating, managing and tracking of production lots
  • Input of quality indicators for each lot


  • Create, edit and manage client information

Truck scale

  • Constant tracking of the entry and exit of goods through special software for truck scale management
  • Generate reports based on truck, driver, company and scale receipt


  • Create and edit users and give them access to different system modules depending on their roles(technicians, workers, logistics, packaging, finance and super user)


  • Issue bilingual accounting documents for products and materials
  • Financial reports


  • Creation and editing of an unlimited number of virtual warehouses with different types – consumables and products.
  • Visualization of inventory by warehouses.
  • Entry of inventory from new deliveries and assignment to the supplier from whom they were purchased.
  • Setting minimum quantities for products and consumables in the warehouse. When the quantity falls below the set minimum, the system notifies the user.


  • Real-time monitoring of the company’s production through dosing or other types of electronic scales.
  • Real-time visualization of yield on a display in the production area.