ERP system for meat producers and processors

Goals of the system

The main goal of XERP for the meat industry is to improve the work of meat processing plants and adjacent stores by automating production, business and sales processes.

 Main problems which the system solves

  • Difficult traceability of production and lots
  • Difficult traceability of the breakdown of meat
  • Manual production planning took long and was not accurate enough
  • Lack of a centralized store management system


  • Strict entry and exit control of goods and tracking of the movement of goods through unique lot numbers

  • Simplified customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Tracking of inbound and outbound payments and issuing of accounting documents through the finance module

  • Automatic production planning

  • Software module for effective store management

  • Production processes management through a KIOSK touch terminal

Main functionality


  • Types: create and edit main types of meat products
  • Articles: create and edit articles and assign them to main types of meat product
  • Assign deficit values for each product and material linked with a system for the notification
  • Clients: create, edit and manage clients profiles through simplified CRM


  • Create, edit and manage an unlimited number of virtual warehouses of different types – supplies and production
  • Inventory visualization for each warehouse
  • Set a minimum quantity for each product and supply; If it falls bellow the minimum quantity the system gives an automatic notification


  • Create and edit users and give them access to different system modules depending on their roles(technicians, workers, logistics, packaging, finance and super user)


  • Issuing and editing accounting documents.
  • Tracking payments, outstanding amounts, and obligations.
  • Financial reports.
  • Integration with accounting systems.

Production planning

  • Production planning for meat and processed meat
  • Generating a list of the needed materials taking in to account the current inventory


  • Create, edit and manage recipes for different processed meat products


  • Generate and track orders to vendors and suppliers


  • Specialized module for wasted products and secondary quality assessment if needed


  • Automatic generation of unique lot numbers for every product
  • Easy product traceabillity through lot number