System Goal

The goal of XSTORE is to optimize and automate the management of the company’s inventory.


  • Automation of the document flow related to internal warehouse operations
  • Fast and easy checking of inventory stock levels
  • Tracking of minimum stock levels for items
  • Detailed information on the movement of items within the warehouses
  • Streamlined management of returns and complaints

Basic functionalities


Defining an unlimited number of warehouses with their attributes (warehouse manager, status, etc.).

Groups and subgroups

Creating a hierarchical tree structure of groups and subgroups for the articles to be managed in the warehouses.


Defining articles with their attributes (minimum quantity, type, delivery price, etc.).

Inbound control

It carries out the quality assessment of the delivered raw materials, which can be done during the entry of the raw materials or at a later stage. After the quality assessment, the following operations can be performed:

  • Direct entry into the warehouse.
  • Complaint to the supplier (integration with the XSUPPLY module).
  • Disposal of the defective items.


Entering stock quantities for selected items into the warehouses with the option to label them using label printers.


It allows dispatches stock quantities for selected items by batches from the warehouses using barcode scanners or mobile devices.


It allows transferring stock quantities for selected items between warehouses, and the system prepares the necessary documents such as receipt acknowledgments and warehouse receipts.


It supports the physical inventory verification of selected items by creating inventory count schedules for the supervisors of the respective warehouses.


The module allows for recording scrap by item and work center, with the recorded quantities being entered as inventory in the “Scrap” warehouse.


The module allows for tracking minimum stock levels for items in the warehouses, providing alerts through email or system notifications when these levels are reached.


Provides a detailed overview of all movements of items across the warehouses through a rich set of reports.