System Goal

The goal of XFINANCES is to optimize and automate the management of the company’s finances, including issuing invoices, credit and debit notes, tracking customer payments, managing cash flows, synchronizing issued documents with the accounting system, and more.


  • Digitization of document workflow
  • Easy tracking of customer obligations
  • Automated process for transferring information to accounting systems
  • Notification of employees and customers for overdue payments
  • Integration with electronic banking for automatic receipt of customer payments
  • Management of all cash flows across accounts

Basic functionalities


It is used for issuing accounting documents within the system (invoices, proforma invoices, credit and debit notes), and each document can be edited or canceled until a certain point. The issued documents can be automatically sent via email to the clients or published in the “Customer Portal” (from the XCRM module).

Payment tracking

It is used to track payments made by customers and to suppliers.

  • Customer Payments – When payments are not received for invoices past their due date, the system automatically notifies the customer via email about the unpaid invoices and publishes information about them in the “Customer Portal” (from the XCRM module).
  • Supplier Payments – When payments are not made for invoices issued by the supplier, the system automatically notifies the employees responsible for the deliveries.

Cash register and bank management

It allows management of cash flow for an unlimited number of accounts and sub-accounts.

Connection with external accounting systems

It is used for the automatic sending of issued documents to external accounting software such as Ajur, Business Navigator, EDIS-ASO, Profit, and others.

Link to electronic banking

It is used for the automatic receipt of incoming payments into the company’s accounts through integration with electronic banking.