System Goal

XSALES enables the management and control of the sales process through touch terminals in stores, with the module being compliant with the latest requirements of the National Revenue Agency (NRA).


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for store operations
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Compliance with all requirements of the National Revenue Agency (NRA)
  • Fast and easy inventory check in the store
  • Tracking of minimum stock levels
  • Detailed reports and analytics

Basic functionalities

XSTORE module connection

It serves for inventory management in the store through the following functionalities:

  • Manual entry and withdrawal of items or through barcode scanning
  • Minimum stock levels – by setting minimum stock levels for respective items in the store, the system can
  • notify when these minimums are reached, ensuring timely replenishment
  • Other detailed features described in the XSTORE module


It is used for conducting sales, and to automate the process, it provides integration with the following electronic devices:

  • Cash register – issuing fiscal receipts for cash payments
  • Point of Sale (POS) terminal – accepting card payments
  • Electronic scale – measuring the weight of items for sale
  • Barcode scanner – scanning products for sale

The module also enables the issuance of invoices through the XFINANCES module.

Audit profile for the NRA

For the purposes of the control activities of the National Revenue Agency (NRA), a separate “Audit Profile” has been created similar to the administrator profile, but with read-only access to the entire XSALES module.


It provides a rich set of reports that comply with the latest requirements of the National Revenue Agency (NRA). The main reports include:

  • User transaction history: Provides a log of operations performed by users.
  • Summary sales data: Offers summarized information about sales.
  • Payment data for sales: Displays details of payments made for sales transactions.
  • Detailed sales data: Provides comprehensive information about individual sales transactions.
  • Reversed sales: Shows sales transactions that have been reversed or refunded.
  • Cancelled sales: Displays sales transactions that have been cancelled.
  • Inventory movement for a given period: Provides information about the movement of goods within a specified period.