System Goal

XMARKETING manages and optimizes all activities related to planning, creation, and tracking of marketing campaigns.


  • Full history and traceability of executed marketing campaigns
  • Real-time analysis of the benefits from conducted marketing campaigns
  • Complete history of campaign expenses
  • Digitization of document workflow

Basic functionalities

Management marketing - Events

Manages the processes related to the preparation of various public events, storing complete information about the incurred expenses for each one (music, promotional flyers, free products).

Management Marketing - Customers

This type of marketing is targeted towards large clients. Here, the processes related to the executed marketing campaigns are managed (discounts, games, raffles, etc.), and detailed information is stored for each individual client.

Marketing Management – Advertising in media

This type of marketing is focused on various types of media (television, radio, newspapers). Here, information about all advertisements and their costs is stored.

Management marketing - Online

It serves internet marketing by conducting various campaigns (games, advertisements on different websites, etc.), and comprehensive information about the incurred expenses is stored for each one.

In all the mentioned modules, the system provides information about the performance of each campaign based on data on the achieved profits before and after the campaign.